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Saturday, 05 October 2013 00:13

Here you'll find some of the spontaneous responses about our 432 Hz technology:

Peter Farrow, CEO of togethia.tv

The above TV show was produced by Peter Farrow, who's also a member of the Computer Audiophile FB group.
Peter is a skilled mastering engineer, producer and cameraman who worked for the BBC and now has his own company producing documentaries.

We started talking about DSP challenges such as 16/44.1 vs 24/96 and when the subject changed to 432 Hz, I send over some of our 432 Hz shootout demo's via wetransfer to Peter in flac format.

One of those tracks was the "Love" track from Preisner's Requiem which I send in both the original version, and a 432 Hz version.

1:10 seconds the difference is very clear
this music is delightful played
love about 10 times now
I love this fred, thankyou for opening my ears a bit wider

AudioClub Limburg

"What's so special about the 432 Hz is becoming clear when Frederic plays a track tuned to 432 Hz, and the same fragment in the 440 Hz tuning. The track in 432Hz sounds more organic, tangible and harmonic. "

"Generally speaking, when sampling reactions among our audience, I have the impression most of the attendees prefer the 432Hz tuning."

Audioperfect scooped it:              "Revolution in audio is causing tears"

Revolution in audio is causing tears:

"I've listened for 2 hours to all various music genres on mid-end speakers, who are far from perfectly placed. The difference is revolutionary. With some tracks, tears are falling from my eyes. The music becomes much more emotional!"


Audiotec has recently upgraded his 432 EVO to the best version (including dual linear power supply, high-end usb 3.0 output and latest software)

email feedback:

"The EVO is shining with the active speakers from AVI.
The combination of the EVO with the ADM40 (unfortunately discontinued) is so beautiful it's creating emotions.
I noticed the chicken skin feeling and red eyes among my "testpersons".
In a nutshell, I'm very happy with the upgrade"

"...now at home in my own "environment" with familiar equipment I really enjoyed / still enjoying the EVO. What a calm and detail."

Wim Geleijnse, has received the STS Marantz CD #13, converted into 432 Hz, during the X-FI show, where we presented our 432 Hz technoloy, implemented into the SOtM SMS-1000:

432Hz sounds better ...... Fairy tale or reality ?

I just listened to the highend demo cd from Marantz, edition nr 13, in an A/B comparison to 432 Hz.
I have a simple hifi set en everyone is experiencing music in his own way and has different hearing.

But the fact that there are differences, should be noticable by everyone. But what did I hear exactly ?

I listened several times to come to my conclusion:
Clarity, detail, articulation, soundstage, more oxygen in the sound and less aggressive !

This all happened to me this afternoon, and with pleasure I praise Frederic for this experience.
The sound of the music is very enjoyable to listen to ......432Hz really sounds much much better !!!
What now with my CD collection ? Convert?
One thing is now clear... Klinkt Beter (=sounds better) and Frederic are synonyms... Bravo and thanks for this experience.

Wim Geleijnse

Set: Marantz pre and power amp
Lua Appassionato cd-player
Tad speakers
Powercords and  interlinks Siltech Ruby Hill and Princes
Cablesv d Hul 3 T Mountain
Power distributor STS-Digital

Peter Beenhakkers, has converted his CD into 432 Hz with one of our robots on the X-FI show

Two 432 conversion robots are visible in the rop right corner.

Hello Frederic,

Just a reaction avout the conversion of my CD on the X-fi show.
I directly made an A B comparison just after the show on sunday evening.
The difference was immediately obvious.
it was this CD: Same Tree Different Fruit - Abba (Album)
Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA! is a tribute to ABBA and consists of Anders Wihks arrangements of ABBA classics. The songs are arranged for trio and as co-musicians he has no less than Steve Gadd on drums and Svante Henryson on bass with guest apperances by David Sanborn and Robben Ford. The music has been recorded in Stockholm, New York and Los Angeles and mixed and produced by Bernard Löhr, manager of the legendary Mono Music studio in Stockholm, owned by ABBA founding member Benny Andersson.
I already played the copy (=432 Hz version) more than the original
I'm very happy with it.
I've been on the X-FI for two days and visited your room several times, when there was still room..
You can look back at a successful show.
With a nice set.
Peter and Jose Beenhakkers.

Cafe Engels show, Rotterdam 2014

The 432 Hz streaming, for which Klinkt Beter has become manufacturer, was special. As a result, Stevie Ray Vaughan was playing the stars from heaven.

Antwerp customer who's also a musician

Dear Frederic,

I just finished installing your last EVO 432 update and my player/server is running right now. You’ve really flabbergasted me by the improvement of the 432hz. sound. Being a musician for over 40 years I perfectly know the sound of all acoustic instruments … and I can tell you, your EVO 432 server is getting close to perfection. Never in my life I heard cymbals sound like this, or a violin in high register demonstrating all it’s over and undertones, never sounding sharp, the same for the trumpets, they keep their pitch in the high, but that copper feel is still there. To me it sounds like the real stuff at a good rehearsal. I’ve become a EVO 432 addict ……. There’s only one problem with your server ……. It hurts switching it off.

Antwerp, 23 oct. 2014

customer from Deinze who's also a musician

This came in via email (Dutch)

Van de gelegenheid maak ik gebruik om je te zeggen dat we al veel genoten hebben van de combinatie. Een van de grootste verschillen met vroeger is dat ik nu na uren geen gevoel van luistermoeheid krijg, omdat alles veel natuurlijker klinkt. Enig nadeel: de nachten worden korter.... Nagenoeg heel mijn cd collectie is geript. En daar zat bij het beluisteren ervan aardig wat rommel tussen. Die is verwijderd. Binnenkort start het streamen in hoge resolutie. Kijk er nu al naar uit.

which means

I'm using this occasion to report that I really enjoyed the combination so far. One of the biggest differences compared with the past, is that now after hours, I don't have a feeling of listeners fatigue. Almost my whole CD collection has been ripped. And while listening I discovered a lot of bad recordings, which are now removed. Soon I will start streaming in high-res. Really looking forward to this.

Please note that the CD conversion robot is not for sale. This was a proof of concept, so audiophiles could compare their favorite CD with a 432 Hz version. The robot used exact the same DSP as what we use in our 432 EVO. With the 432 EVO, there's no need to convert your CD's. Just rip the CD in the EVO, and at playback, play either the original version or any of the 432 Hz modes, which are all in realtime.
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