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Tuesday, 26 November 2013 18:32

432 PRO

The 432 PRO is the studio version of our 432 EVO music server with live 432 Hz retuning. It allows studio's and owners of professional sound interfaces to evaluate the power of 432 Hz, without having to change their current workflow. They can produce their tracks in the existing A=440, and then use the 432 PRO to get a good estimation of how it would sound when produced directly in 432 Hz.

The 432 PRO includes special drivers for studio DAC's. These drivers ARE NOT available in the consumer version (the 432 EVO), only in the PRO version.

The consumer version of our 432 music server (432 EVO) supports all standard USB class 2.0 audio DACs and those DACs using consumer chipsets such as m2tech and xmos.
The consumer version is not designed to interface with PRO gear.

The 432 PRO will include special drivers, which will be added case by case for each PRO device for which support is requested.
The 432 PRO can also be ordered with a realtime kernel, with low latency audio, while the consumer version always has a non-realtime kernel with large buffering.

The 432 PRO also features enterprise grade remote VPN support, and custom packages and update system.

We will add more professional interfaces, pro sound cards and pro DAC's based on demand from the pro world.

Currently implemented:

  • mytek dacs with custom firmware loading

Currently planned are:

  • soon: firewire studio interfaces
  • later: interfaces with word clock in

The 432 PRO has a separate dealer network and is only sold via this network.

Pricing: 3305,- € ex-vat for the 432 PRO

Note to consumers:

The 432 PRO does not offer better sound quality than the 432 EVO high-end for consumers as the DSP is identical. The supported output interfaces are different in the PRO version. There's no reason for audiophiles to buy the PRO version, unless they have a professional mytek dac, which is only supported in the PRO version and not part of the consumer 432 EVO. With VAT added, there's no price difference between the 432 EVO and 432 PRO.


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