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Friday, 12 June 2015 01:00

The 432 EVO is now part of several "reference" high-end systems, so we finally decided on a visual identity for the frontpanel. Since june 2015 our high-end 432 EVO model and the standard model will include our new logo engraved on the frontpanel.

Black model:

Silver model:

About the logo

If you looked closely at our existing logo, most people see an L, a C and something that looks like an inverted shoe.
If so you are focusing on the grey blocks. To solve the mystery, try to focus on the whitespace in between the blocks.

Or just look at the text on the new frontpanel and you should get it:

We first tried to simplify the logo, but the elegance disappeared. So we decided to add a little text "432 EVO REFERENCE MUSIC SERVER" which is what the EVO is all about: a true reference without being the most expensive server.

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