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Tuesday, 21 October 2014 18:46

The 432 EVO is available in three editions. Any edition can be ordered in silver or black.

432 EVO high-end version

The high-end version is our "top model" for those who only want the best of the best.
Some 432 EVO customers have integrated it in systems worth 100.000 €

It features a high-end full linear power supply (included with the high-end version), high-end USB 3.0 output, RAM playback and HDD spring suspension system.

Learn more about the 432 EVO high-end version

432 EVO standard version

The standard version is our "entry level" model for those who want 432 Hz at an affordable price.
Unique is that our 432 EVO standard version can be upgraded later to the high-end version.

All you pay is the price difference between the standard version and high-end version + shipping to and from our factory.

Learn more about the 432 EVO standard version


The 432 EVO ESSENCE is our all-in-one model. It includes a high-end soundcard with 124dB SNR which functions as DAC and also has high-end SPDIF to work with those systems that do not yet have a high-end USB input, like older DAC's. It is the only model in our product range that has an integrated universal power supply: all other models have an external power supply.

Learn more about the 432 EVO ESSENCE

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