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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 19:04

432 EVO is proud to announce that we are Roon Partner.

What is Roon?

Roon is an ecosystem that contains a library management system (Roon Core), an app (Roon Remote) which runs on tablets, smartphones and also windows & mac computers and a player (Output).

On the 432 EVO, the Roon Core replaces the bundled Logitech Media Server when selecting the HWBOOST option from our pricelist, therefore offering the rich metadata experience that the Roon Remote app provides. The existing 432 Hz players on your 432 EVO connect to the Roon Core instead of the standard bundled Logitech Media Server, and their playlists are managed by Roon, thus offering the sound improvement from 432 Hz combined with the best visual app experience now available.

Both 432 Hz players and Roon are running on a single machine: your 432 EVO. As Roon is also a server to any Logitech based streamer and any Roon Ready device, you can easily create a multi-room system with Roon. Any Roon Ready device will also be able to play the music stored on your 432 EVO, and all your players including the 432 Hz player on the EVO will be managed by a single app.

How does it look?

Which 432 EVO models are supported?


432 EVO ESSENCE with builtin DAC:

What do I need?

1. hardware

New customers need to order the 432 EVO with the HWBOOST option, which is a € 250 option on our pricelist. This includes faster hardware for Roon, and we also bundle a non-activated version of Roon from factory. The faster hardware is still passive cooled, so no fans are used inside the EVO = no noise. Actually we use the fastest passive board now on the market, which also can decode very cpu intensive files such as DSD128 & DSD256 and still apply our 432 Hz processing in realtime.

Existing customers with any model produced since december 2014 can also upgrade to Roon. Some resellers are using Roon on their existing 432 EVO HIGH-END models without the HWBOOST and it runs fine. We can install Roon via VPN, and the processor and memory in every EVO since dec 2014 is guaranteed fast enough for Roon and all PCM & DSD64 files. Customers with a large music collection or a very big NAS should ask their reseller to double the RAM, for which €50 will be charged. Please contact your 432 EVO reseller for more info.

2. A roon license

Customers also need to order a Roon license either directly or via their reseller. You can either buy a yearly license which is $119, or a onetime lifetime license which is $499.

Roon on X-FI 2016

The first public demo of Roon on the 432 EVO took place on the X-FI show in The Netherlands. Our 432 EVO AEON music server was connected to an impressive Luxman set driving the newest B&W 802D3 speakers. When the 432 Hz was on, the room was always full and not many left the room.

Roon was controlled via an iPAD Gen2 and at the same time, a windows PC with the Roon software was used to display the current playing track & Roon Discover mode, which lets you discover your music in a new way. This feature is also available on iPAD. Note that our windows PC was not managing the library, it was just a very big version of the Roon Remote app that anyone could watch:

To show the multiroom capabilities of Roon, we also had a headphone demo in the hallway near the hotel entrance which showed a zone2 player via a wifi link.

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