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Saturday, 13 May 2017 12:39

432 EVO introduces all new 432 EVO MASTER at High-End München 2017

The 432 EVO MASTER is 432 EVO’s first music server with our own power supply in a dedicated matching enclosure.

New: more storage, Sound Quality improved, and independent superclock power

Just like our current AEON flagship, the new MASTER is equipped with a dedicated superclock board, software jitter tuning and 432 Hz post processing, for which 432 EVO has become famous. With our MASTER model, the clock now has a dedicated linear power supply which greatly improves sound quality.

The MASTER has a bigger 4 TB storage capacity on a custom spring suspension system, instead of 2 TB standard on all other models. Larger storage is available upon request. The MASTER runs on one of the fastest passive cooled motherboards available which can run the latest Roon 1.4 fluently. Customers can choose between the bundled Logitech Media Server or optionally Roon. These library managers run on their own dedicated cpu cores, separated from the time critical audio processing core, and OS core. These tweaks combined with custom process scheduling result in less task switching, lower software jitter and lower noise floor and improved blackness.

The 432 EVO MASTER can either play in our famous 432 Hz processing mode, or be a bitperfect player/streamer, and can match or even beat any other digital source independent of price point. To validate these claims, 432 EVO has tested several digital sources up to 28.000 € in cost not object sets which have won best of show awards.

Our new SQi feature is a complete rewrite of our 432 Hz method which can also function as a high-quality upsamper/resampler. From now, listeners can enjoy our own implementation with less blur which was developed in-house, which configure our DSP filters so that no new errors are introduced into the existing source material of the customer. When using 440 mode, the music remains fully authentic to the original, but with more details revealed. With 432 Hz, enjoy a more relaxed organic sound, with more details revealed when using SQi

Last but not least, the MASTER is also equipped with a bitperfect TEAC ripfacility.

Unique: the new 432 EVO MASTER power supply

The 432 EVO MASTER builds it’s unique sound upon a newly developped linear power supply in a custom enclosure which is backwards compatible with our previous models such as the 432 EVO AEON and 432 EVO HIGH-END. Existing customers can upgrade and keep their current investment.

The unique feature in our supply is no shared central transformer with multiple secondaries, but several independent circuits and transformers. The supply is also very efficient and does not run hot, always stays cool. Cabling is very easy, and includes three high-end 4-pin XLR to DC connector cables, one for the server, one for the superclock board, and one for the high-end USB3 card.

What's new since Munich 2017?

The new 432 EVO MASTER PSU is a continued development on the prototype PSU as introduced and demonstrated in Munich 2017. Compared to the prototype, a lot of parts were improved. Here are the highlights.

The PCB’s have been upgraded from single sided to double sided, with 2oz copper thickness and gold plated finish. The PSU now also features a soft on/off power circuit, which is controlled by the front panel button.

The reference shunt circuit of the new PSU has been improved including better resistors with a tolerance of 0.05%. The bulk capacity of the PSU has been further increased, and the ESR value of the capacitors has been lowered.

The transformers are a complete redesign, and while the former model already included electrostatic shielding, the new transformers add low & high frequency magnetic shielding, using a copper foil and an additional outer layer of 5mm anti-magnetic steel.

The internal wiring has been upgraded to Teflon insulated wiring with high quality silver plated copper conductors. The DC output cables are handmade and feature a twisted pair Teflon insulated cable with a high quality sleeve for a high-end finish. The new DC cables are now color coded to differentiate between the 9V and 12V outputs, and feature 4 pin XLR's so the backpanel outputs of the PSU cannot be accidentally be confused with regular XLR interlink cabling. Furthermore, the pin layout of the backpanel connectors also avoids accidentally swapping the 9V and 12V.

The electronic design of the split-current unit at the end of the DC cable has been further improved and is now terminated with a gold plated DC plug.

And last but not least, all Neutrik XLR connectors are now high-end versions with gold plated contact pins.

Pricing & availability

The final price of the new 432 EVO MASTER is 12.000 € incl VAT ex-shipping. This includes our best server, new power supply, 3 high-end DC cables and 2 year warranty + remote VPN support by experts.

Availability of the 432 EVO MASTER is January 2018, and the MASTER has been displayed in Munich in a cost-is-no-object Aries Cerat system.

Ordering conditions existing 432 EVO AEON customers:

AEON customers with HWBOOST option: upgrade price = 6750 incl VAT
AEON customers without HWBOOST option: upgrade price = 7000 incl VAT

Your AEON needs to come back to 432 EVO to be modified to add a DC input for the superclock.
Old power supplies have to be returned and swapped for the new power supply.

Prices are ex-shipping

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