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Thursday, 13 August 2015 03:52

432 EVO is proud to present it's high-end DC cable for the high-end model!

The high-end DC cable is a drop-in replacement for the included black DC cable that is shipped with the high-end version of the 432 EVO:

The cable uses the best silver gold conductors that have undergone cryogenic treatment.
It also includes a high-end Oyaide DC connector for powering the USB 3 card:

The cable replaces the included black cable as indicated by number 4 in the wiring diagram:

Benefits of the new DC cable:

  • much better bass
  • more detail without fatigue
  • better resolution with percussion


  • introduction price: 500 € for 1 meter with a guarantee of result, or money back!

We guarantee that the cable will improve the sound of your 432 EVO (applies to models with a single 110VA or 160VA power supply).