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Thursday, 02 June 2016 00:03

All 432 EVO models always come with one or two bundled power supplies.

432 EVO has chosen Dutch supplier Sbooster to deliver their Best Of Two Worlds linear supply as the new premium choice for the 432 EVO ESSENCE model, and the default choice on the 432 EVO HIGH-END model:

1. 432 EVO high-end

The 432 EVO high-end has been using the idea of dual linear supplies since day 1.

From left to right:

Sbooster BOtW (2 used with HIGH-END model from May 2016)
Trends PW-10 (2 used with initial HIGH-END model from March 2014 until December 2015)
HD-PLEX 160VA (1 used with HIGH-END model from rom Jan 2015 until May 2016, provides 4 voltages from which we use 2)

First we had the dual 12V PW-10 trends supplies, each supplying a separate 12V rail, one 12V for the server, and one 12V for the SOtM card.
Because of the complexity to setup the Trends, HD-PLEX was chosen as a more user friendly option.

This worked well until their 160VA supply had backorder problems, which caused massive build delays of 4 months!
Since we already partnered with Sbooster for the optional linear supply of our ESSENCE model, we have decided to change to a dual setup of Sbooster's for our current high-end model.

With every new 432 EVO high-end, you'll get one Sbooster BOtW 12V for the server part, and one Sbooster BOtW 9V to power the SOtM card:

The Sboosters come with a long cable so they can be placed out of sight, or behind your hifi rack.

While looks may be deceiving as it may appear like a budget supply, it is our best supply so far.

The technical advantage of 2 power supplies over one supply:

  1. no current and/or voltage leakage
  2. no shared transformer, so sudden power peaks in the server part (like a spike in HDD activity) don't influence the audio part, which is impossible with a shared transformer such as the HD-PLEX


Our 432 EVO ESSENCE all-in-one model with builtin DAC and high-end SPDIF output comes with a builtin SMPS supply that accepts 110V-230V:

Optionally, you can order with the external 12V Best Of Two Worlds Sbooster for 200 € extra:

The little meter is not included with the PSU, but it shows the 432 EVO essence is only consuming 1.15 amps @12 Volts which makes the essence a very power efficient server.

Sboosters will now be delivered in a color matching top plate:

Since the Sbooster option for 432 EVO ESSENCE, nobody has ordered the 432 EVO ESSENCE with the default SMPS supply.


These entry-level products come with a standard 12V laptop-style SMPS:

The SMPS adapter can be upgraded to the Sbooster after ordering the 432 EVO: 280 €
or when ordering the 432 EVO STANDARD or MINI: +200€

When upgrading the 432 EVO STANDARD to the HIGH-END model, we trade-in your existing SMPS that was delivered with the STANDARD, and you will be upgraded to a dual Sbooster setup and all the other enhancements that come with the 432 EVO HIGH-END model.

432 EVO Power Supply FAQ

I've read the review from Music Emotion and still want the HD-PLEX ordered with my high-end model?

You can still order the 432 EVO with the HD-PLEX supply instead of the dual Sbooster for the same price, but CE / FCC / VCCI certifications need to be obtained separately. We can only guarantee CE for the music server and Sbooster, but not for HD-PLEX. We make no delivery time guarantees when ordering the 432 EVO high-end with a HD-PLEX supply, and we no longer stock HD-PLEX, so everything is built to order in case of HD-PLEX.

The Sbooster is CE certified and has been tested for local compliancy in many countries, so quality control is very high, and we stock these supplies, so the 432 EVO can be built from stock.

I have a model with dual Trends supplies, can I upgrade?

Yes, just buy two 12V Best Of Two Worlds Sbooster supplies, and use them instead of the black and yellow cable coming from the Trends supplies:

Don't connect the Sbooster directly to the SOtM card (the black DC input left of the USB output)

For the 12V input that supplies the server as seen in the left of the above picture, use the outer left 2.5mm plug from the strip containing various sbooster conversion plugs:

For the 12V input between the two bridges that powers the SOtM card, use the smaller sbooster conversion plug (2.1mm)

I have a model with HD-plex, how can I upgrade?

If you also want the server and audio parts to have separate transformers like in in our current high-end model, just buy one 12V Sbooster BOtW, and use the HD-PLEX to only power the SOtM card.

Early 432 EVO high-end's with HD-PLEX had a 2.5mm DC input, so the standard plugs that come with sbooster will work. You'll need this plug:

Newer 432 EVO high-end's with HD-PLEX used a GX-16 input for the server:

12 Volts DC GX-16 input
with Sbooster->GX16 conversion cable

You can order our sbooster->GX-16 conversion cable that fits directly on the output of the Sbooster for 15 EURO.

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