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Saturday, 05 September 2015 17:41

The EVO is compatible with most USB cables, as long as they follow the USB standards.

Here are some tested USB cables:

Budget (up to 100 euro)

  • Supra USB digital audio cable
  • iFI mercury cable
  • Belkin Gold Series
  • any AudioQuest cable without DBS system


  • oyaide continental 5S
  • TUBULUS Argentus
  • any AudioQuest cable with DBS system
  • Tellurium-Q black diamond

Ultra High-end (1000 euro+)

  • Tellurium-Q Silver Diamond

Tested USB accessoires & tweaks

  • iFI ipurifier
  • any working USB cable + iFI iusbpower + iFI gemini cable

If cables cause clicking noising during playback, those cables are not conform the USB standard.
If you have a cable that works great with the EVO, please tell us and we will add it to this page.

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