432 Hz showcase Print
Wednesday, 21 November 2007 12:53

Here's some of the sets used to develop the 432 EVO and SOtM SMS-1000 432 Hz plugin.

Want to know the full story? Check the the story of the 432 EVO

De 432 Hz producten worden in diverse sets getest en ontwikkeld:

At the time of the X-FI show: SOtM SMS-1000 432 Hz Edition + Vitus Audio electronics

432 evo combined with affordable high-end

432 evo combined with budget gear + HDMI test facilities. All EVO's can connect via HDMI to provide HDMI audio towards an AV processor/receiver.

Our current testsystem contains the following components:

This system reveals the smallest change in our configuration/tweaking and has proven to be very revealing.

Performance testing in budget sets are provided by the excellent IFI + Trends Audio combo's, on various Klipsch speakers.

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